Who I Am

I wasn’t always straight talking Grammy Mo. I was the shy, quiet kid that everyone in my neighbourhood would gravitate towards when they needed someone to talk to about their problems. I would simply listen. I was the eldest of three children.

When I was 10, my younger brother, the eldest of two younger brothers was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember my parents telling me that my brother had about six months to live. Just before he died, he told me he was going to be okay because there were lots of people in the light.

My brother’s death and how both he and my parents handled it taught me an important lesson: death was not something that I needed to be afraid of, and that talking about hard things was good. A couple of years later a new baby brother arrived so I am still the eldest of three with two brothers younger than me.

I learned to play cars and trucks and learned to love sports. I still love sports and am a season ticket holder for our local National Basketball Team, The Moncton Miracles. Looking back, it doesn’t surprise me that I went into helping professions. I left home at 17 to attend a three-year nursing school program and worked in labour and delivery on the maternity ward and eventually as a surgical nurse, but shiftwork made it difficult for family life. The environment was stressful and often emotionally toxic.

I eventually took a day job in reproductive health. With my background in delivery room nursing, I thought I would be helping women to become pregnant but once on the job, the shy kid – who went through her entire nursing degree program without ever raising her hand to ask a question – was now going to have to build the Reproductive Health Clinic. Upon arrival at our office my colleague and I found only a typewriter in the middle of the floor. I soon discovered that I was going to be talking about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, pregnancy tests, and offering counselling to both teens and parents!

About two months into the job, we were told we had our first speaking engagement coming up. I was terrified! At that moment, I chose to push through my comfort zone and fears, so I stood trembling in front of 60 parents at a local elementary school for the first time. After it was over, the parents stormed us with gratitude for presenting them with this desired information.


We were high on that first speaking engagement and I got the new found confidence to begin a public speaking career with 110 speaking engagements that first year. I spoke with parents, students, teachers, counsellors, and anyone who wanted to know about teenage sex and sexuality. I even wrote a book on the topic. I continue to do speaking engagements today.
As I was growing in my profession at the Sexual Health Centre, I knew I needed more skills. I got my Masters of Education and became a Certified Canadian Counsellor while at the same time learning about Dr. William Glasser. I studied under William Glasser, a world-renowned psychiatrist who developed Choice Theory Reality Therapy and Lead Management. It’s a mouthful, but essentially, it is all about our relationships with people. Bill Glasser was more than my teacher; he was my friend and mentor until his death on August 23, 2013. He challenged me in ways that helped me take the leaps toward who I am today.

In 1990, while still working at the Sexual Health Centre, I started my own company, Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants, an education and training center for the advancement of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. I also built a large counselling practice working with several Employee Assistance Programs. (EAP)

As I worked with my EAP clients, I was seeing a client pattern of unhealthy workplace relationships leading to stress leave. I knew that research showed that when people left their jobs, most of the time, it was because of a difficult relationship within the organization. I believe that the best way for me to influence this is to work with more groups of people in group coaching or group training programs.

Today my goal is to add value to others through coaching, training and speaking. I am a Seniorpreneur and proud of it! I bring a life time of experience and learning to share with you and help you grow and find your own inner ideas and purpose.

Written by Story Teller Kathy Mercure