Lead Management

Lead Management

There is a lot of talk about managing and leading, which is why Dr. Glasser coined the term Lead Manager. A lead- manager is someone who understands the importance of relationships in working with people. A lead manager knows that it is just as important to meet our basic needs in the workplace as it is in our home and day to day life.


What happens a lot of the time is that we take a person who is great at their job and place them in a management position.  Do a certain task in our job is way different than managing people. In the early years of my nursing career, I was an assistant head nurse in an operating room. The head nurse got sick, and I was left with the task of managing the Operating Room. I held the position but did not having any training for the role. One of my jobs was to do the time table or the working hours for everyone. In true boss fashion, I just did the timetable and or course there were conflicts. I tried my best to handle them, but it was tough. Then there was requests for time off for different reasons. All I knew was that it was up to me to make that decision. I wish I had known that what I know now!  I might even have enjoyed this role but at the time I hated it and said “never again.”  You see it was the conflict I was ill equipped to handle. It was the relationships with the staff. These are just small examples but when you do not know how to deal with people, it makes the job more difficult. There were many more situations.


That is why after 35 plus years of teaching Dr. Glasser’s ideas I am as passionate about them today as I was the first time, I learned them. It is all about understanding human behavior and helping people meet their needs without infringing on others. The best part of this training is that we learn “effective procedures that lead to change.” These tools are valuable life tools transferable to all aspects of life, our family, our friends and our work.


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Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.