Resourcing for Mental Health

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With all that is happening in the world right now mental health tools are imperative. We are enduring crazy behavior of people all around us. Just this week, we saw the attempted “coup” at the White House in the US.

Here in my home community of Riverview, we received several emergency alerts as police searched for a man who shot a teacher in our local high school. Thank-fully, the teacher was not seriously injured and is recovering. As well, police were able to arrest the assailant.

Just a new minutes ago, I have read where a whole Native Reserve in the west of our Province has had to shut down to Red due to Covid- 19.  Then I saw where an educational center in Saint John has been locked down due to threats to the teachers. 

It is obvious to me that we have a lot of hurting people. When our heads are full of threats, our body goes into survival mode. When we are in survival mode, it is pretty hard to think about anything else. Let’s talk about Mental Health vs Mental Illness.

What is important to remember is that we do have options. We can get swept up in the fear or we can take control of our life and focus on what we can control. Most of these events are out of our control but we can control how we respond to them.

This is why I think the training I have to offer right now is more important than ever! In my 30 plus years of teaching the ideas of World, renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. William Glasser I cannot remember a more important time in our history to be equipped with these tools. Not only will you be able to help others, but your personal benefits will most likely surpass your expectations.

I have not taught an in-person, online Basic Intensive before, so I will be stretching myself as well. I am used to working online of course but not for three days, so I can guarantee, I have to learn new ways of managing our training, a task I take on joyfully.

Sign up for this training that starts Feb 3: www. or contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Maureen Craig McIntosh, LCT, Acc






Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.