Do you Value your Online Presence?

Where did you get your relationship education?

Recently, I spent the first half of the day in a Social Media workshop. It was a lot of fun and very validating for me. There were many people in the room who have no social media plan and then there were people in the room who have websites and that is about it and then there were people like me who try to cover all the bases.

It was a fun morning and quite validating, I kept hearing one theme though. It was the stories about relationship building on line. The speaker kept saying ” well, you know about relationships, you know what to do but looking around the room I was not so sure.

Once again here we are entering into relationships on line just promoting ourselves, our products and now we are being told to tell our story and share our selves and our experiences. This is what being social is all about!

It is like marriage really, where did you get your relationship education? Do we really know how to relate well to one and another. The presenter kept saying that it is not ok to be negative on face book, that face book is like our living room and it is to be a nice place. 


Maybe there is hope through technology for the human species to begin to focus a little on the value of relationships and learn to communicate better and use more of the caring habits. 

You know, as I think about it, if we promoted only the use of the Caring Habits on line, and we modeled using them, we could change the world!  What do you think?

As an after thought she did say it was ok to be negative on twitter! We need to think into that a bit more. I guess we can’t have it all but we could have fun trying!

I have worked in the field of human relationships all my life and I would love to help you have great relationships on line.