Done with Darkle!

Done with Darkle

Sometimes on Saturday morning, my significant other and  I get up early and go out for breakfast before heading to the local market. This past Saturday we did just that. I got up and started thinking about what I would wear and I decided wear my white turtle- neck, because we would attend the basketball game later in the day and I would just have to add my booster club shirt.  I grabbed a vest out of my closet and put it over the turtle- neck and off we went. My goal was to be warm.

While we were waiting to order, one of the waitresses that we know came by and commented on my attire. She said: “ I love your vest, it is covered in bling!” Without missing a beat, I said: “ Thank-you, I just believe that you may as well sparkle!

She burst out laughing. I still do not know what was so funny and it played on my mind for a good part of the day. Did I believe what I said? Of course, I did, but why was it funny? It obviously touched her in a way that she could laugh and maybe it brightened her day.

But as I think about it, what is the opposite of sparkle? I decided to look up the opposite. It seems that the opposite of sparkle is “ darkle”. Now I am laughing! Darkle means to be cloudy or gloomy where as, sparkle means witty and bright. Which would you rather be, Sparkle or Darkle?

Dr. William Glasser always said that we should pay attention  when we laugh at something. There is a good possibility that we have learned something new.  Darkle was a new term to me!

The other point I want to make is we have a choice how we go about in our daily activities whether personally and or professionally. Do you sparkle or do you darkle? I hope you sparkle because it is way more fun and people will love you for it.

Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.