Execute Kitchen Renovations like a Business Plan

Execute Kitchen Renovations like a Business Plan

It has been three weeks now that we have been in the midst of kitchen renovations. This is something I have been planning to do for a very long time but feared having all the upset.

Guess what? It has not been all that bad and I think it is because we took the last year to plan it out.  It is like creating a business plan.

First we discussed our Vision of what a new kitchen could look like and what we wanted in that kitchen.  We knew we did not want to change the basic design because we like the design we had. We knew we wanted all drawers in the bottom of the cupboards for easy access and we knew we wanted an island with a place to sit. 

Then we discussed colors, type of wood, counter top , etc. Once we created our picture we were able to set out our mission.

Our mission was to find someone who could do the work for us in a timely and cost effective manner and give us what we wanted. Next came the goals. We would plan to visit “x” number of places to discuss what they could do for us. We would tell them what we wanted and ask for a quote.  We would also check out appliances that would match the picture that we had for our kitchen. 

We took our time and we talked with friends and suppliers and finally we made a choice and the renovations began. We had goals around that as well. We expected to be living without a kitchen for at least two weeks but would plan for three. Then we executed our plan.

As I look at this, I realize we have not experienced a lot of frustration because we took our time to become clear on what we wanted to move us forward. We did the research and asked questions about what are important to us and we sought references.

Did I say we planned a budget as well? Lots to think about and to be purposeful in doing. Would we spend as much time in our businesses or our entrepreneurial world to be focused and bring about the results that we want or do we just let things happen?

Our kitchen will be finished in a day or two. Then the plan will be to get rid of excess and give gently used items to others and we start putting our stuff into our new cupboards. Good planning can avoid a lot of heartache and frees you to build the relationships needed for a quality product.

Yours in growing awareness

Maureen Craig McIntosh


Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.