Meeting my Basic Needs Through Quality Customer Service

Meeting our Needs through Customer Service

This past week I received a phone call. The caller said: “ I am so sorry to inform you that the order for the coat you wanted cannot be fulfilled even though when I put it in the computer when you were here, it said they had one.” What could I say to that?

I heard myself say: “ Don’t worry, these things happen and I guess my hunt for a winter coat simply starts over. “  “ Just a minute she said: “ I am just going to check our rack in case the coat in your size came in the new shipment!”  I said I would appreciate that!

She returned to the phone and sure enough she said: ‘’ I don’t believe it, I actually have your size in my hand! Let me confirm that is the correct color and size.  Then she went on to say: “ I believe that there was a 30% off special when you ordered that coat, was there not?”  I said that she was correct. She said then I am going to check to see if we can honor that sale!  She did honor the sale and held it at the store until I could get there later that same day!

When I look at the five basic needs of Love and Belonging, Power, Fun, Freedom and Survival that we are all driven to satisfy this was certainly a need satisfying event.

1. I felt that the person really cared about me, my belonging need

2. I felt respected satisfying my need for power

3. It was fun having someone take care of me

4. I was now free from searching for my coat.

5. My survival need is met as well since I will be warm

Having said all this, my quality world picture has been matched and my scales are in balance with my new coat!

Will I go back to this establishment? You bet I will.


Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.