A New School Year



Education is not acquiring knowledge. It is best defined as using knowledge. As we think about the new school year about to start in the next week or so, remember this. Are we educating our children or simply schooling them.

“An important purpose of education is to nurture a love for life long learning in all students not kill it.” Dr. William Glasser

For years I was invited into the schools to speak with youth about relationships and healthy sexuality. I could have walked into the class and told them all the negative things about sex and leave, never having given any information on how to use the knowledge I gave them, but because I understood this about education, I was able to explain, why what I was teaching was important.

I was also able to give them the resources they needed to get their own information and how to access services they may nee; this included talking with a nurse counselor, a pharmacist, or attending an after hours clinic or family doctor and how to talk with their parents.

Today when we ask a child to learn something, do we explain the benefit in doing so. I remember I had a history teacher who, when we walked into the classroom, told us to sit in our desks open our books and she began to read the chapter. I saw no use in doing this in school and I had no interest in history. That is another aspect to education. Do we make learning fun? is I have I h

I have heard of history teachers that create reenactments in the classroom. How much fun would that have been. A lot of times there are power struggles in the classroom between teachers and students. Both are trying to meet a need but do not have the necessary tools to make that happen.

If something is not need satisfying, do you want to do it? How do we create need-satisfying environments for our kids to learn? Do we create open environments where mistakes are welcomed as part of learning and growing? Do allow for questions and discussions. Are we inclusive? Can children learn at their own rate, or are they left behind?

Lots to think about with the start of the new school year. As parents, maybe we can influence our youth by having these discussions with them. Our job is not to do their homework but to support and encourage them. It does no good to fight over homework. If fact it would be better for everyone if homework did not exist. How would you like to work all day and come home and work another couple of hours before bedtime?

I want to wish everyone a great new school year and may it be the best need-satisfying year yet! Let’s talk about quality schools. Contact me: maureen@monctonrealitytherapy.ca

Yours in growing awareness


Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.