It All Started When…

It All Started When…



It all started when I was working with youth as a Registered Nurse Counselor in Sexual Health. After two years of working there, I realized I needed more skills. I could not continue the way I was working because I knew I would not last. My heart was full of empathy for the youth I was working with and there were many that I just wanted to take home with me!

I decided to take a Counselling Course at the University of New Brunswick, where I met a professor, who encouraged me to study the ideas of Dr. William Glasser. He suggested that the tools I would learn would really help me with the youth.

I took my first basic in 1987 and have not looked back since! The tools I gained as a nurse, counselor and now coach have served me my entire life since then. As a professional we want tools to help other people gain more effective control over their own lives. We want teachers to feel empowered in the classroom and to be able to manage the classroom in such a way that the students want to learn and they can teach.

As a manager, we want a positive work environment and employees that are happy to work with and for us.  If we do not understand human behavior, it is difficult to be competent and yet competency is what most of us want.

I have been a member of the Faculty of William Glasser International since 1988 and I continue to teach these ideas.  All I have ever experienced in teaching these ideas is inspired, excited learners! Most say it is the best training they have ever experienced!

I have spent a lifetime working with people and the most efficient and effective tools I ever received, I got in this training. I continue to learn and grow and can apply recent research about the brain and other learning back to these ideas. Dr. William Glasser was a world renowned psychiatrist that gave us so much about Mental Health and Happiness.

Does this appeal to you? Do you need for tools for your tool kit? Do you want tools that can serve you for a lifetime?

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Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.