Jeanette Saw in Me

Jeanette Saw in Me

Have you ever had a mentor in your life that could see more in you than you see in yourself? In 1988, I attended Reality Therapy Certification in Phoenix Arizona, where I met my instructor, Jeanette McDaniel. I was young and very nervous about the 15-minute presentation that I needed to do to be Certified.  I worked and worked to get my presentation down to 15 minutes even on the night before I had to give it.


Jeanette truly demonstrated all that I had learned to become certified. She was encouraging and assured me she was sure my presentation would go well. I had been public speaking for about four years by this time, but I was used to doing one hour to full day workshops. Trying to put these ideas into 15 minutes challenged me. I was proud of myself that I was prepared and ready to deliver 15 minutes. As I gave out my handouts, she took one look at them and exclaimed to the group that this looked like it was going to be an important presentation and did the group think they could give me more time. The group decided quickly to give me an hour! Now I was super anxious, but I worked on my own internal dialogue and went for it.


My presentation was called Sex and Total Behaviour. Right after my presentation, it was time for a break. She grabbed my presentation and went in search of Dr. Glasser and presented it to him. I was a wreck! These ideas were so important to me and the youth I was serving. Thanks to Jeanette, this led to many conversations over the years with Dr. Glasser and an eventual publication of my project in the Journal of Reality Therapy in 1991.


I write this today in honor of Jeanette McDaniel who passed away this week. She was a passionate, vibrant, fun-loving woman who was committed to these ideas. She believed in me and I am eternally grateful for that. May you rest in peace my friend.

Maureen has been teaching this ideas for over 35 years. She is a Senior Faculty Member with William Glasser International, A Licensed Counselling Therapist and Certified Personal and Executive Coach.